BRUSH PRO 48 SHABBY CHIC STYLE (48 markers with the case)

BRUSH PRO 48 SHABBY CHIC STYLE (48 markers with the case)


BRUSH PRO 48 SHABBY CHIC STYLE (48 markers with the case)


The set contains 48 alcohol-based markers with two nibs: a flexible «brush» for smooth lines, details and strokes and a «chisel» nib for even, large fills and wide lines.

SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO markers are high-quality professional markers available to everyone. They are ideal for sketching, illustration, manga, comics, design, leathery, graffiti, hobby, etc.

Markers are certified and conform to American ASTM D-4236 and European Union’s EN-71 quality and safety requirements.

What are the advantages of a flexible «brush» nib?

The «brush» nib has been tested for 7 parameters that a nib for perfect professional sketching should have.

SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO are one of the best nibs among the professional lines of the market leaders, they have:

  1. The optimum ink flow, regardless of whether it is a sharp big stroke or fine smooth movements;
  2. No dryness and, at the same time, no excessive flow;
  3. The control of flexibility and mobility of the soft nib from the very tip to the full bend of the brush;
  4. The finest control of the ink flow from the first contact with the paper: not much ink comes out at once, without any blots;
  5. Excellent work from the very first touch of the marker, due to the optimum ink flow through the nib (markers of other brands do not always regulate it and a lot of ink comes out from the very first touch of the nib and an artist immediately gets too rich tone);
  6. The even ink flow from the beginning of the stroke to the end and a smooth color fade;
  7. The absence of excessive ink saturation: no drops fall on the paper when the cap is open, and no blots appear during the sketching process.

These 7 advantages of the nib have been tested and confirmed by the best sketch bloggers, which allow us to assert: SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO today is the leader on the market of art markers.

Japanese professional alcohol-based inks in marker line SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO are manufactured under special technology and are of high quality. This technology guarantees an even color without smudges. The colors blend perfectly well with each other, form smooth gradations and new colors, create truly large-scale opportunities for conveying the saturation and tone of colors.

Alcohol-based inks are permanent and quick-drying.

Refillable markers: all colors of ink are available. In the extensive SKETCHMARKER palette you will find any color necessary for your creativity: from light, pastel colors to deep bright tones.

Marker nibs are replaceable.

Marker sets are packed in the plastic case. The case has been created individually on the request of SKETCHMARKER and will be convenient for the organization of your working area. Owing to the special holder, the markers are reliably placed in the case and it is convenient to get them out.

The case is stable and occupies little space. A few cases can be easily joined together and form a single display.

A bonus to each set is an empty color swatch card, a fun coloring page and a branded sticker pack.


Nib Type: Brush/Broad
Ink Refillable: Yes
Ink Composition: Alcohol-Based
Ink Characteristics: Waterproof, Blendable, Low-Odor, Nontoxic, Permanent
Ink Volume: 2.5 ml
Pack Type: Plastic Case
Quantity in Pack: 48
Vendor code: SMB-48SHABB
Barcode: 5013720449917
At stock: 10
Item weight: 1200.00

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