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"I do not believe it! Too polished up! Where are the signs of normal wear and tear?”- somebody wrote to me under the newly-posted drawing on Instagram.  

And, indeed, this boat could have told so many stories about raging storms or calm lazy days with the sun at its zenith and the water lapping against the green sides of the boat.  

This boat really needed some rust streaks, peeling paint, cracks and scratches left by the time. 

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And I took the marker...

R52 Pale Rose

Here is how this color is described in different sources:

"The fading rose flower loses the purity of color, acquiring a grayish-brown shade of decay, as if a sad shade of time and settled dust laid on it".

Associative adjectives: neutral, versatile, noble, muted, feminine.

This marker was used more than once: when I needed to depict an old tree, the surface of rusty metal, scaled off paint or dilapidated plaster.

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All these drawings have marker strokes, lines, dots, painted with different pressure and frequency of application.  

It is such a delicate nuance, but it has dramatically changed so many works of mine, adding credibility to them.  

If you aspire to realism, then unevenness of the surface of the object is absolutely necessary.  Sometimes it can be achieved with a light gray liner, an ordinary HB pencil or a marker of a neutral, muted shade.

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