What shades of markers should I use for drawing skin?

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You don't have to buy 50 markers to paint a colorful portrait in the "near-realism" style.

I have tested many different colors and found the basic ones that can be used in any portrait.

110205154_295434984907255_2512028905634481674_n.jpg (209 KB)

The foundation is an almost invisible, transparent O15 Pale Rose Powder Pink / SKETCHMARKER SM-O25 Rose Champagne, which I use to colour the whole face. As the complexion is beige, most often any patch of light acquires this nude color on the skin.

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The following colour is the auxiliary O65 Silk marker . It's colder, calmer and more muted. You can use it to paint shadowy areas of the skin to make an even gradation to a darker shade later.

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One of my favorite color is R115 Daisy.

It adds small accents and gives freshness and blush. It can be easily done with this color.

We could have stopped here, because the drawing has a tone, a shade and a blush, but we will go further, make the tone of the face more colorful, because it is "near-realism")).

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Let’s use more intense color - R114 Peach.

It’s not so scary to use such a rich colour after the first three ones, right?

This color is suitable for lips, nose tips, ears - you need to create accents on the main parts of the face to make the portrait look more eye-catching).

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If you want to make a portrait in cooler colors, you can use R53 English Rose instead of the previous color.

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Remember our transparent base? It's time to dilute it with a cool color of V105 Heather. It's better to colour the shadowy sides in order to make the portrait more voluminous.

115934274_297959398221279_5116570214160718999_n.jpg (188 KB)

Areas with deep shadows (under the nose, under the lower lip) can be painted with BG93 Pale Gray. But don’t overdo it! There shouldn't be too much of it in the portrait or it will look dirty.

Another favourite of mine is R84 Lace.

It is ideal for final bright accents on the nose, eyes, lids and the corners of the lips. This color in combination with others becomes richer than it is in the photo, and you can use it to add final touches when colouring the skin.

110031140_150467916663021_5207798358234280864_n.jpg (187 KB)

That's all the colors that I recommend to use for skin coloring.

Anyway, you can combine them as you want, they are perfectly combined with each other.

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Thank you for your time, I wish you a lot of inspiration in implementing new ideas!

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