How to draw a croissant

Пошаговка NEW - 420.jpg (595 KB)

The work was created with materials:


Colors used:

  • Y75 Champagne
  • Y24 Almond 
  • Y23 Buff 
  • O83 Naples Yellow 
  • O52 Laughing Orange
  • O82 Dijon Mustard 
  • BR74 Light Ivy 
  • O50 Fox
  • BR22 Mizzle 
  • TG6 Toner Gray 6
  • BG92 Gray Tint 
  • BG91 Graphite 

Step 1
Make a pencil sketch and remove excess graphite with kneaded eraser.Пошаговка NEW - 414.jpg (209 KB)

Step 2
Use Y75 and Y24 for the lightest areas of croissant. Follow the shape of the croissant with your strokes

Пошаговка NEW - 415.jpg (438 KB)

Step 3
Add some warm and more saturated colors Y23 and O83. Leave the largest highlighted areas untouched. Add О52 to make the croissant more realistic.Пошаговка NEW - 416.jpg (607 KB)

Step 4
Draw the crust with О82. Blend it with О83Пошаговка NEW - 417.jpg (593 KB)

Step 5
Make the crust darker with О50 and BR22.

Пошаговка NEW - 418.jpg (581 KB)

Step 6
With white gel pen add some highlights, Y24 make the bigger highlights less brighter leaving white contour untouched

Пошаговка NEW - 419.jpg (574 KB)

Step 7
Using TG6, BG92 and BG91 for a gradient make a shadow. Add some warm color to the background using Y75.

Пошаговка NEW - 420.jpg (595 KB)

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