How to draw lemonade. Step by step

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Step-by-step lesson "How to draw lemonade"

IMG_2218.JPG (234 KB)

The work was created with materials:

Used colors:

  • Y13 Cheese
  • G44 Willow green 
  • O33 Amber
  • O31 Tiger
  • G20 Iguana
  • O22 Scarlet Red
  • BG91 Graphite 
  • BG14 Fossil 

Step 1

Making a drawing with a liner

IMG_2212.JPG (138 KB)
Step 2

Apply the first layer with Y13 Cheese color, paint in the juice and the elements of the jug.

IMG_2213.JPG (148 KB)

Step 3

Saturate the color Y13 Cheese, add a second layer of this color, and also add the color O33 Amber and create a smooth transition, blurring the color O33 Amber with the color Y13 Cheese, apply the color G44 Green Willow to the mint leaf green.

IMG_2214.JPG (186 KB)

Step 4

Add another color O22 Scarlet Red and also create a smooth transition using the previous colors O33 Amber and Y13 Cheese, add the color G20 Iguana to the mint leaf.

IMG_2215.JPG (233 KB)

Step 5

Add a shadow under the pitcher and a slice of orange with O31 Tiger and BG14 Fossil, paint strokes on the pitcher with BG91 Graphite and BG14 Fossil.

IMG_2216.JPG (216 KB)

Step 6

Add highlights with a white pen.

IMG_2217.JPG (200 KB)

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