Drawing coffee

Author - Lana Kotova

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Step-by-step "Drawing coffee"

IMG_4902.JPG (1.49 MB)

Colors used:

  • BR50 Dark Brown

  • BR71 Sienna

  • BR42 Umber

  • BR43 Ash

  • BR12 Ginger

  • BR84 Latte

  • BG72 Gray Lilac

Step 1

Outline the contour with a pencil, draw the mug, foam, and its main bubbles.

ШАГ 1.JPG (1.45 MB)

Step 2

Fill in the darkest areas of the illustration with the BR50 marker.

IMG_4898.JPG (1.28 MB)

Step 3

Fill the foam using WG6; make it caramel with BR71.

IMG_4899.JPG (1.29 MB)

Step 4

Make a smoother transition from coffee to foam with BR42 and BR43 colors using BR12 and BR84 to soften the transitions on the foam.

IMG_4900.JPG (1.21 MB)

Step 5

Show the texture of the foam and bubbles with BR42 and BR50 shades. Draw the mug with BG93 and BG84 colors.

IMG_4901.JPG (1.33 MB)

Step 6

Fill the background with BR42 and the shadow with BG72. Highlight the foam with a white pencil; accent the overtone of the bubbles with a white pen.

IMG_4902.JPG (1.49 MB)

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