Drawing a bunny. Step-by-step lesson

Author - Lana Kotova

Instagram account - https://www.instagram.com/lancheg/

IMG_4265.JPG (1.44 MB)

The work was created with materials:

Colors used:

  • G41 -  Moss
  • TG1 - Toner Gray 1
  • TG3 - Toner Gray 3 
  • CG7 - Cool Gray 7 
  • BG20 - Oolong
  • BG41 - Sea Storm 
  • BG84 - Silver Fox 

Step 1

Make a pencil sketch and erase excess graphite with a putty rubber.

IMG_4260.JPG (1.12 MB)

Step 2

Paint the left part of the background with G41. Draw the eye with TG1. Use CG7 to outline the shadows on the fur.

IMG_4261.JPG (1.32 MB)

Step 3

Draw needles on the Christmas tree with the G41 marker. Fill the background behind them with BG20 and BG41 colors.

IMG_4262.JPG (1.58 MB)

Step 4

Add depth to the background using BG41 and TG3. Draw the fur with CG7 and BG84.

IMG_4264.JPG (1.43 MB)

Step 5

Detail hairs and whiskers using a white pen. The chewing bunny is ready!

IMG_4265.JPG (1.44 MB)

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