How to draw the Grinch

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The work was created with materials:


Colors used:

  • G33 - Meadow Green
  • G62 - Grass
  • G92 - Leaf Green
  • G81 - Nile Green
  • G110 - Forest Green
  • BG40 - Brunswick Green
  • B122 - Horizon Blue
  • R111 - Red 
  • R112 - Mandarin
  • BR30 - Bordeaux 
  • BG14 - Fossil 

Step 1

Make a sketch with a pencil.

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Step 2

Use G33 to color the shape of Grinch. Make strokes in the direction of hair growth. Leave eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and a tie untouched.

2.jpg (2.87 MB)

Step 3

Color in the shadows and a nose with G62.

3.jpg (3.00 MB)

Step 4

Paint the eyebrows and add depth to the shadows with G92.

4.jpg (2.91 MB)

Step 5

Put some strokes under the lower parts of the eyebrows and on the body using G81.

5.jpg (2.88 MB)

Step 6

Draw some more hairs on the eyebrows with G110 and deepen the shadow on the nose.

6.jpg (2.84 MB)

Step 7

Color irises with G33 and pupils and outlines with BG40.

7.jpg (2.89 MB)

Step 8

Take BR30 and outline the eyes drawing a couple of small eyelashes on each eye.

8.jpg (2.94 MB)

Step 9

Lets’ make the eyes look more realistic. Use BG14 to darken the lower parts of the eyeballs and with the same color add a shadow under eyelashes.

9.jpg (2.89 MB)

Step 10

Apply R112 on the lips.

10.jpg (2.97 MB)

Step 11

Draw the darker part of the lips with R111.

11.jpg (2.94 MB)

Step 12

Color the inside part of the mouth with BR30.

12.jpg (2.86 MB)

Step 13

Draw the shadows on the tie with BG14.

13.jpg (2.89 MB)

Step 14

With R112 draw the stripes on the tie and add R111 to the shadows.
Use BG40 to deepen the shadows on Grinch’s body.

14.jpg (2.90 MB)

Step 15

With G92 add some more hairs to Grinch’s head and body. And done!

15.jpg (811 KB)

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