How to draw mulled wine

7-1.jpg (1.14 MB)The work was created with materials:


Colors used:

  • R93 Rose 
  • R122 Vermilion 
  • R110 Bloody Red 
  • O73 Sunset 
  • O51 Pumpkin 
  • BR42 Umber 
  • O71 Copper 
  • Y53 Sunflower 

Step 1
Use SKETCHMARKER Liner 0.1 to make a sketch
1.jpg (808 KB)

Step 2
Paint lemons with Y53. Use R93 and R122 for wine. Blend the colors with R93
2.jpg (933 KB)

Step 3
Use R110 for the upper part of the glass, soften it with R122
3.jpg (918 KB)

Step 4
Draw some highlights on the glass with R122, and use O73 for cinnamon and star anise
4.jpg (932 KB)

Step 5
Add a shadow on cinnamon and star anise with O51. Draw some reflexes on the glass with R93 and R122

5.jpg (1.05 MB)

Step 6
Use BR42 for cast shadow and for core shadow of the glass
6.jpg (1.07 MB)

Step 7
Add some more depth to the shadows on cinnamon and star anise with O71 and use R122 to soften the edges on the wine. It’s finished!
7.jpg (1.13 MB)

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