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Well, I tried, tested and studied the updated markers @sketchmarkersclub brush for quite a long time and now I want to share my feelings with you) ⠀
First look at the differences between old and new versions of the nib:

▪ The appearance of nib has not changed in my opinion, but felt that it became more elastic, controllable.

▪ The ink flow became more even from the beginning to the end of the stroke. This is especially noticeable when working with a fluffy texture. I used to be a little annoyed with these ink spots at the beginning of the smear, now the problem is solved.

Now look at the differences with other brands (touch and copic):

▪ Marker body and brush nib. Another reason why the review was delayed is that I was interested to check the fluidity of the marker. Aaaand...after a month of use, it still remains clean, like my hands. If you evaluate the elasticity of the pen then the closest in sensation is copic, touch nib is much softer and it's harder to work out the fine details.

▪ The evenness of smear. As you can see in the photo, SM has the most even ink flow, but I have not decided for myself whether it is a pro or a con, because sometimes I like the "dry" effect. So, I can't attribute it to clear advantages.

▪ During the work I have noticed a funny thing that if you work with the edge of the brush nib, the smear becomes paler, drier and fluffiness appears. As the SKETCHMARKER team has explained to me, this is a feature, the dry effect. Other brands can not brag about it) ⠀

▪ And the last important point in my review is the race of the marker for the long distance. But here, as you can see, all the brands performed well. This is probably depends on the filling ink of the marker. ⠀

So this is what about the review. In General, the impression of the pen is certainly positive. I look forward to the increase of the colors in the palette and indelible numbers on the caps.

P.S. And also, this week there will be a new video-lesson with SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO. Be ready.

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