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Irina Bautina - artist, illustrator

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These liners are sold in the set, which consists of 6 pieces with the nib sizes ranging from 0.05 to 0, 7 mm (0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, and 0.7). They are available in a cardboard B/W box. Unfortunately, the box is not suitable for the long-term use/transportation of the liners - the cardboard is too thin.

Design. The b/w body, smooth plastic, the cap with the clip, almost weightless. Thanks to these features, the liners become an indispensable companion during plein air drawing. The liners can be attached to the cover of a sketchbook with the clip and they will not turn a walk into an unpleasant event because of their extra weight. The brand name can be easily read on the body, and in the black circle, closer to the tip of the liner, the size of the nib is indicated. There is also a brief description of the liner's technical characteristics: water-based/pigment ink/acid-free/lightfast/non-bleeding/waterproof, and a warning not to leave the liner without a cap for a long time.

Experiment. I decided to make sure that the manufacturer's specifications are true to life: whether the ink dries quickly, bleeds through the sheets and is really waterproof.

During the first part of my experiment, I used two liners with the nib sizes 0.7 and 0.05. I coloured a small area, placing the strokes as close to each other as possible, recorded the time and touched the drawing with my finger.

The result: a thicker liner takes more time to dry out. Only after about 15 seconds the drawing is not smudged. If you apply a light shade of the marker immediately after you have used the 0.7-thick liner, you get a grey spot. The liner with the thin nib needs much less time to dry out. You can confidently take a marker or watercolours after 3-5 seconds.

One of the characteristics mentioned on the body is "non-bleeding", which means that the ink will not bleed through the sheet. Doesn’t matter how hard I tried, the ink didn’t seep through. The only thing I noticed was that the black contour of the liner is visible through the thin paper.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this set of liners is indispensable if you like graphics or if you prefer to combine different materials in your work. They are ideal for alcohol-based markers and watercolours.

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