Drawing a ladybug

Irina Bautina -illustrator, artist

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Step-by-step lesson "Drawing a ladybug"

7-1.png (1001 KB)

The work was created with materials:

Colors used:

  • Y54 Lemon Chiffon 
  • CG4 Cool Gray 4
  • CG2 Cool Gray 2
  • O33 Amber 
  • O34 Marigold 
  • O65 Silk 
  • R101 Sea Lavender
  • V14  Sea Lavender
  • CG5 Cool Gray 5
  • CG7 Cool Gray 7
  • BG71 Blue Gray

Step 1

Do a light pencil sketch. Remove an extra pencil with a kneaded eraser

1.png (308 KB)

Step 2

Fill the light parts with Y54 and CG7 colors leaving the highlights unpainted. 

2.png (466 KB)

Step 3

Cover the dots on the back and legs of the ladybug with CG4 and CC2 shades paying attention to where it should be darker or lighter.

3.png (583 KB)

Step 4

Fill in the back with the main color mixing O33 and O34. Shade the borders with O65.

4.png (800 KB)

Step 5

Deepen the color with O31 and R101.

5.png (876 KB)

Step 6

Use cold V14, CG5, and CG7 markers for the shadow; add O65.

6.png (859 KB)

Step 7

Detail the sketch with BG71: small dashes, dots on the back.

 7-1.png (1001 KB)

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