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If you are reading this article, then you are seriously thinking about how to improve your sketches! The watercolorists will tell: 70% of the result depends on the paper, if not all 90%. We can not afford it, because we are very dependent on the quality of markers, but we can safely say that 50% of luck can be given to paper!

Let's talk about the variety of papers from Sketchmarker.

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As you know, all of Sketchmarker's products are aimed at improving the quality of sketching for artists all over the world. But! When choosing paper, the FIRST thing you need to understand is: what am I going to draw on it? Obviously, it is better not to draw with alcohol-based markers on watercolor paper, and not to draw with charcoal or pastel on super-smooth white paper.

At once I will notice 2 types:

- paper pad (leaf album)

- sketchbook (a diary book with your drawings)

I will say right away from my experience: if you are a beginner then take the paper pad. Firstly, it is cheaper, and secondly, if you have ruined it, it is not a pity to throw it away or just not to show it to anyone.

It is more difficult with sketchbooks, as they say, "for the ages"! Plus many aspiring artists have a so-called "fear of the white sheet". In the case of pads, it will not happen, and you can safely start creating!

If you bought a sketchbook and it's scary to start in it, just turn the page and start not with the first page, but with the 3rd or 17th.


About paper pads

You should carefully study the cover before you will buy paper. As a rule, it contains everything you need to know about the paper, and that will help you to make the right choice!

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This paper is designed for quick and light sketches. The fact that it is for quick sketches, tells us about its weight -75 g/m2. Remember: the lower the weight index, the thinner the paper. The thinner the paper, the fewer layers it will hold. I have not been able to adapt this paper for my marker technique, but I use it for quick searches of composition or sketches.


This paper is designed and suitable for all types of art materials: markers, charcoal, watercolors, pencils, etc. The texture is slightly rough, so keep in mind that the ink consumption of the marker will be higher than on super-smooth paper. It's great to draw with liners and pencils, you can even make accents with watercolor.


The weight of the paper increases, and with it the resistance to a large number of layers too. I really like this paper, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve a super result in illustration and not to spend a lot of money on paper.


So we got to my favorite! Bristol is a paper that practically draws for you. I tried all the options for marker paper, and believe me, no other paper has such a cool blending of markers. It perfectly mixes even those markers that are not close in the color range, i.e. you can safely get your own colors by blending, for example, brown and green! It is ideal for detailed and long illustrations with lots of detail.

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About sketchbooks

Sketching culture is very popular now, and the whole Instagram is full of pictures of sketches made in cool sketchbooks. In travel, restaurants, cafes, even in zoos. You can decorate your sketchbook with stickers, covers, ribbons, etc.

The guys from Sketchmaker have prepared beautiful and colorful sketchbooks with two types of paper and covers to do it, as well as formats for every taste.

I will not say much about the technical characteristics, but I will say that any type of paper in sketchbooks is ideal for sketching (160 and 180 g/m2).

I really like to work in a hardcover sketchbook at home, which looks like a little book, and when traveling, I take a softcover sketchbook, because it is easier and more practical.

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