City Sketch. Step-by-step.

Maria Yagovkina - sketcher, illustrator

Step-by-step lesson "City sketch"

IMG_0383.PNG (31.24 MB)

The work was created with materials:

Used colors:

  • BR65 Pebble 
  • BG93 Pale Gray 
  • BG83 Arctic Gray 
  • BR63 Sahara Beige
  • BR62 Mushroom 
  • BR42 Umber 
  • BG92 Gray Tint 
  • BR64 Lion 
  • BG52 Dark Cloud
  • BG40 Brunswick Green
  • BR51 Burnt Umber 
  • G64 Light Green 
  • G92 Leaf Green 
  • B64 Steel Blue 

Step 1

We carry out a preparatory drawing with a pencil. Before using markers, it is necessary to remove the excess lead with an eraser, it is especially important to remove a clear outline in the place of the glow of the sun.

IMG_0378.PNG (9.17 MB)

Step 2

Feel free to add BR65 Pebble to all sunlit objects with a wide feather. Add BG93 Pale Gray to make it more picturesque. Shade BG83 Arctic Gray also makes the base and shadow parts of the objects of our drawing with wide strokes. BR63 Sahara Beige and BR62 Mushroom - shading the second floor. We apply the strokes in the direction of the boards.

IMG_0379.PNG (19.76 MB)

Step 3

We begin to gain the density of the shadows. In the area of the first floor we work mainly with the colors BR42 Umber and BG92 Gray Tint. Apply the first layers to the branches of the tree, shading in the sun glare zone with warm BR64 Lion. We make the shadows with a complex cold shade, for me it is BG52 Dark Cloud.

IMG_0380.PNG (27.54 MB)

Step 4

Add even denser BG40 Brunswick Green shadows into the drawing. Fill the figures of people with 2-3 shades without detailing. It is important to leave the glowing outline on the right side of the person, as the people are in backlight. We form the tree with BG52 Dark Cloud and BG40 Dark Cloud colors, shading to the glare zone. For the distant shot, shadows from trees and people, we make two shades BG52 Dark Cloud and BG83 Arctic Gray.

IMG_0381.PNG (31.55 MB)

Step 5

Now it is possible to tighten up the second floor in the BR51 Burnt Umber shadow, to emphasize the shadows at the frames and window frames. BG52 Dark Cloud reflecting tree branches in windows.

IMG_0382.PNG (29.16 MB)

Step 6

At the end, we work on the details of the foreground, add highlights. You can make an outline with colored pencils. But it is better to shade the side of the house a little with BG52 Dark Cloud color, so that the pipe and the cornice go into the shade. Add some juicy spring greens G64 Light Green and G92 Leaf Green to the work.
B64 Steel Blue fill the sky with wide strokes unevenly, do not apply the color in the zone of sunlight, leaving the glare clean and bright.

IMG_0383.PNG (31.24 MB)


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