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Even before the New Year, I had a few new SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO in my favorite purple shades.

I put off the newcomers for later, but I ran out of energy to wait. I decided to test it.

What I can say:
- The shape of the marker's body is convenient. Caps snap easily and tightly, and they can also be removed, even with one hand;
- The brush is moderately elastic and flexible, it is pleasant to work with;
- The ink flow through the brush is good, there is large amount, but without "puddles" in the process;
- You can freely make different strokes, even very thin ones;
- Color layering is smooth;
- And, of course, more accurate match between the color of the marker and the cap pleases).

Unfortunately, I didn't have any "old" brushes, so I can't compare them. But I'm happy with these)

Verdict is that I liked it.

P.S. During the holidays, I managed to miss botanical illustration. And you?

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