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My friends, of course you have heard a lot about @sketchmarkersclub markers, and this time I still want to talk a little about them.

I got acquainted with this brand almost as soon as it appeared on the market, as I love to test new things and these markers are no exception.

With each batch, with each innovation, the quality of markers has constantly increased, now it is one of the most popular markers on the market. And not by accident. At a good, affordable price, you can now get a really good product and get acquainted with the cool material - alcohol-based markers.

One of the latest innovations are improved markers with a brush nib, I have been testing them for several months and I am very happy! The quality of the nib is very decent, the elasticity and clarity of fine lines delighted me.

I also believe that there are a lot of good marker sets, just buy and draw. The main thing is to make sure that the grays are the same color gamma.

It is very captivating that the guys are communicative in social networks, they share various new products and news, they are interested in consumer reviews and try to take into account all the shortcomings and disadvantages that different sketchers reveal!

I use markers from different companies in my working process and markers from @sketchmarkersclub always stand alongside the others.
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