Review of the SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO 24 FLOWERS SET by Olga Sakovich

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Testing marker set #sketchmarker 24 pieces Flowers Set.

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I recorded the tulips on video (search in YouTube - Volha Sakovich).

And now I'll show you swatches and share my impressions.

I like all green colors because they are not too saturated and look natural. Very suitable for drawing all sorts of leaves-stalks.

From red and pink colors I would remove V111 (as very vigorous) (SKETCHMARKER SMB-V111 Steel Pink), R122 (SKETCHMARKER SMB-R122 Vermilion) (as close to R62 (SKETCHMARKER SMB-R62 Lipstick red) and R61 (as too brown, although for roses it will be good) (SKETCHMARKER SMB R61 Geranium Red) and replace them with a couple of light blue and blue colors.

By the way, I have to draw blue and light blue flowers not so rare. I immediately remember forget-me-nots, cornflowers, anemones, hydrangeas.

The rest of the colors are very juicy and cheerful, well chosen and well mixed with each other, quite popular, some even basic.

This is a set with soft brush nibs, which, of course, much more functional than the usual thin ones. The brush is great, a little harder, according to my feelings, than copic, but they will undoubtedly win by the price/quality criterion.

Do you like this set? Do you agree with me on the lack of blue colors? I tried to take a photo of the swatches so that the colors looked as realistic as possible.

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