Review of the SKETCHMARKER liners from Evgeny Rechkalov

Evgeny Rechkalov - architect, artist, designer

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The new liners from @sketchmarkersclub kept me company during InkTober 2019 (@inktober). They arrived on time, because I had run out of all the necessary art materials!

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I made the most of these liners, without fussing over them!

They demonstrated good technical capabilities.

  1. The body of the liner is white, with well readable information about the brand and the nib size.
  2. The cap of the liner opens well and fits tightly when closed. This prevents it from drying out quickly without use.
  3. The liner is convenient to hold in hand. It does not slide or get dirty.
  4. The ink supply is excellent, no matter how fast you draw. You get an even line when you draw it either slowly or quickly.
  5. It does not scratch the paper.
  6. The whole set, all the nib sizes, were used without stopping during 20 days.  I got to the end of InkTober 2019 smoothly.
  7. A good choice of nib sizes.
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