Review of the sketchbooks SKETCHMARKER Marker & Graphic Line by Olga Reutova

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Let's start from the beginning, namely with the cover and format of sketchbooks:

Hard cover, 44 sheets

Size 148x210 mm (slightly less than A4)

Soft cover, 16 sheets

Size 148x210 mm

The manufacturer states, "German high-quality Bristol paper, thickness 180g/m2". Through my experience, I can say that's what it is. The quality of this snow-white one side paper with a barely traceable texture met my expectations.

Of course, I tested the paper in full and noted several important points:⠀

  • Working with markers and drawing a gradient, I noticed that the markers perfectly disperse on the paper and do not dry quickly. The gradient is very smooth, and you don't even have to hurry.
  • Paper is water-resistant, but in small amounts. It is better to work with with watercolors using a brush with a reservoir, then the paper will definitely remain safe.
  • It's very comfortable work with colored pencils. Even if more than one layer is applied, colored pencils do not slip.
  • By the way, pencil is also perfect on paper. Well shaded.

In general, as you can have already understood, you can work with different materials in these sketchbooks and not be afraid for the behavior of the paper.

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