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I want to share my impressions about the new product from @sketchmarkersclub. This is a themed mini-set of 10 markers + liner + sketchbook for markers. There are several types of such sets with different palettes.

One of them (in the second video) has been sent to me for review, and they also asked me to tell you why I chose it. Well, I'm telling you! Of course, due to the colors:)

  • First of all, there are a lot of grays in it, more than half. And gray ones are the most necessary and frequently used markers. And they are presented in a set in pairs (light + darker) and with different colors-warm and cold. However, one marker (the last one on the swatch) is for more functionality of the set, I would replace it with a much darker one.
  • Secondly, there are 4 brighter colors in the set, but they are very close to each other in saturation, they look a little dusty, that means they will be organically combine with each other.
  • And thirdly, this particular set somehow coincides with the current mood. Although it is presented as a set for plein air / urban sketches, but this selection of colors caused an association with late autumn and the coming winter. Therefore, the winter story for the lesson asked for itself. The full version of this video is on my YouTube channel

I think, such small sets are well suited for beginners to buy the first markers. It is especially convenient that together with markers you immediately get a liner that will not smudge, and the right paper.

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