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I always have at least a couple of liners in my backpack and a small sketchbook, even when I know 100% that I will not be able to draw. I carry a bunch more markers in other cases.

This time I decide to check a new paper from @sketchmarkersclub.

A5 is very convenient format for traveling and on a hard substrate. The paper is difficult for me (75 g) to be true, but I found an approach to it, I do glaze after the layer dries. I can't work in one layer, I like to make complex colors. As the paper has a lower protective layer, the ink can not pass to the other side and so their excess gives an interesting effect of unevenness, it gave an excellent texture to the stones in this situation.

My new favorites are BR43 Ash and Toner Gray 1-9. I put them everywhere I need to and don't need to. And I really like these gray colors, such an interesting purple-brown shade.

In general, creativity should be in any situation.

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