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Double-sided pen with a brush nib and a fine nib for details.

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Brush Nib.

It is quite large. I feel it is stiff and does not spring. It is very durable if you use it carefully at the right angle to the paper.
I keep it out of the hands of my children, so its ‘vandal-resistance’ has not been tested yet.

Water-based ink.

I completely washed away some undesirable lines with water to clean the sheet.
The flip side of the coin is that your drawing can be smeared with sweaty hands. Putting your hand on the painted areas is fraught with dirt. You’d better use a sheet of scrap paper to avoid any mess.


In fact, it is the most convenient pair of caps, but, it feels very strange in the beginning. You can also put the caps on each other.
The pen sits exceptionally well in the hand.

What do you think of my feedback? What else would you like to know about this pen?

Should I compare it with Tomboy Sibmalion and Chinese no name pens?
However, I draw with them; I do not normally write letters.

The sketch drawn from life. The series ‘Замальовки з ґанку’ (‘Sketches from the porch’)

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