SKETCHMARKER AQUA (2 nibs: fine and brush, 72 colors)

SKETCHMARKER AQUA (2 nibs: fine and brush, 72 colors)

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SKETCHMARKER AQUA (2 nibs: fine and brush, 72 colors)

Watercolor markers are high-quality professional tools that combine the advantages of watercolor and marker techniques.

There are two nibs: «fine» and «brush».

The palette consists of 72 colors.

Distinctive features of SKETCHMARKER AQUA marker:

  • Japanese-made nibs have great durability and the highest rates on the market. Very convenient to use as the pen smoothly and organically repeats the movement of the hand, allowing you to make the desired variations of the drawing.
  • High-quality ink is one of the best pigment on the market.

Due to using SKETCHMARKER AQUA, you can create stunning watercolor effects, easily mix colors on paper or on a palette, refine the drawing after it dries, make bright juicy artworks in one or two layers, it’s difficult to achieve with pure watercolor.

Markers are suitable for illustration, lettering, calligraphy, fashion sketching, design sketches, hobbies, scrapbooking, cardmaking, crafting and much more.


Nib Type:


Ink Refillable:


Ink Refillable:


Ink Characteristics:

Alcohol resistant, Non-waterproof, Nontoxic, Blendable

Ink Volume:

2.5 ml

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