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They have sent me two sets (6 and 10 markers). The set of 10 markers also includes a sketchbook (32 pages, paper - 160 g / m², super white and smooth) and a 0.05 liner. I think this set is an ideal gift, because there is already everything inside - take it and draw! So that's what I did, actually.

  • In my set, I really liked the muted colors and the fact that they work well with each other.
  • In the gray set of 6 markers, everything is fine too. I love gray markers. But before I used mainly Green, Warm and Cool gray. Therefore, it was interesting for me to look at the new colors of gray for me - Neutral gray.
  • Perhaps the only question I had was about marking markers. For some reason, the darkest gray colors is NG1 (SKETCHMARKER SM-NG1 Neutral Gray 1), and the lightest is NG8 (SKETCHMARKER SM-NG8 Neutral Gray 8). Other companies of markers, with which I draw, use exactly the opposite system. Therefore, it's a little strange. But perhaps it won't hurt anyone else. Otherwise, as I said, the sets are good.

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