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The company is developing and working on the quality of markers! This is the most important thing, in my opinion, that they listen to the consumer!

They have done a great job this year on the numbering of markers and, accordingly, on the palette. Also on the ink and brush nib.

I think this is a great option to start drawing with this markers, since the price is quite reasonable compared to touch and copic. And the quality does not concede. You can tell that there are companies with cheaper products, but my priority is only these three! You can buy the cheapest ones from aliexpress (I started this way too), but you will still want something more and with high quality! So why not to start with quality right now!?

Another attractive thing is that the company already has a lot of sets assembled on the subject, I do not know how much these sets complement each other, but you can find out it from the company! I mean, you don't have to worry about the first palette!

In a word, the nibs are quality, nothing happened to them, ink refills are available, there is a large palette of 390 colors, the company promises to make 600 colors, so it will be plenty to choose from, there are a well-composed sets with fine bulle and brush nibs, the caps match the color tone of the marker. The downside is that numbers are erased from the caps, but for some reason this disease affects almost all markers, except copic!

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