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Good afternoon my friends!

I received a wonderful set of markers SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO 36 INDUSTRIAL DESIGN from @sketchmarkersclub last week.

It includes 35 markers and a blender (SKETCHMARKER SMB-BL - Blender).

The set of markers is very multipurpose and the colors are chosen so well that the set is suitable for both food illustrations and architectural sketches. I tried to show it by making such a creative swatches of the set.

So, if you want to try markers and think about what colors to buy or have not yet decided in which direction of sketching you want to draw, you can surely buy this set for a trial.

As you can see here is a great selection of gray markers and a good selection of blue, green, red and blue colors)

The set is sold in a convenient and functional wallet, and it even has a small pocket for a pencil, eraser and liners.

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