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Sketchmarker Illustration Pro

Professional paper for sketching and graphics. Ideal for alcohol-based and permanent markers, pens, inks and pencils. Super smooth, 30 sheets, 200 gsm. Made in Germany.

Question: why has this superb paper pad by @sketchmarkersclub been intact for almost a year?

Answer: SM produces too many top-rated sketchbooks and paper pads. If you start one, it is almost impossible to switch to another one.

My review: The paper is silky smooth; it is hard to understand whether it is the front side of the sheet or the back one. If the sheet is detached, I make a pencil mark not to get confused. The paper allows you to apply multiple layers and to work actively with the colorless blender. The silky texture of the surface is the reason why the ink remains so bright after coming into contact with the paper and why the marker inks are able to blend so well. The inks dry out rather quickly and it prevents the free movement of the colours on the surface. As a result, the inks don’t bleed outside your painting lines.

The paper pad is especially good for intricate designs. I spent three days drawing a flower and it turned out that the paper is resistant to heavy layering. Less dense paper (75 grams) doesn’t let you go over the same areas of the paper multiple times.

If you are a professional or an upcoming artist, this paper pad would be a great addition to your working gear.

However, this product doesn’t feature a compact design and is not suitable for carrying around.

Have you used Sketchmarker Illustration Pro?
What are your impressions?

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Illustration Pro. Part Two.

I continue to experiment with the @sketchmarkersclub paper pad. This time I used the markers for the first layer and coloured pencils (@bruynzeel_holland and @derwent.russia) for final polishing. At the moment it is the best paper for coloured pencils I have ever drawn on

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