Review of SKETCHMARKER 10 OUTDOOR SET by Nadezhda Korotkevich

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Guys, I got @sketchmarkersclub markers for a test. I am immensely happy about it, since they are one of my favorite markers for sketching.

I have an Outdoor set with 10 markers, sketchbook and liner. I organized small challenge for myself and drew sketch with markers from this set only.

For what I love these markers: even on the unsuitable paper (I drew exactly on it) they mix perfectly, the palette is simply incredible, the colors are very beautiful.

As for the shortcomings, there are none. It is very enjoyable test because I truly love these markers. In general, I can recommend this set (also they are different 10 sets) with pure heart. If you want to try, but don't want to start with China markers, if you want something good right away, but the budget is limited, then feel free to take it. Harmonious limited palettes, cool sketchbook (with Bristol paper), and liner. Even 10 colors can be used for the full 100%, the main thing is that they are correctly selected.

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