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A year ago: “It doesn't matter whether you draw with the most expensive markers or the cheapest ones from AliExpress. If the nib has turned into a broom, you can use it to create textures”.

Then I started using the art tools by @sketchmarkersclub, line of markers with a brush nib. You get used to good things quickly and you want to use neither low-quality analogues anymore, nor to be optimistic and inventive if the marker nib is damaged.

So, what makes a brush nib superb?

-Shape. Not a single brush nib in my marker collection has lost its shape.

- Elasticity. Recently, when I bought the missing shade from another manufacturer, I noticed that if the ink comes to an end, the brush nib becomes less elastic, bending at a 90-degree angle. As a result, I start rubbing it against the paper like some kind of rag, squeezing out the last drops of the ink and not understanding whether there is some left or not. The Sketchmarker brush nib keeps its shape and elasticity no matter what.

- Variability and ink supply. The brush nib allows you to draw delicate, even lines (unless your hand is shaking) and to create beautiful wide strokes. I also like to press the marker nib harder to create a small puddle of ink and to make the drawing look more like a watercolor. Frankly speaking, I enjoy watching how the ink flows out. There is something meditative about it. However, if you relieve the pressure, the ink flow decreases and you can immediately draw a fine, even line. I am fascinated by this manoeuvrability of the nib.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I cannot imagine myself using other instruments. I feel comfortable with what I have now and I really enjoy the process.

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