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Recently, my collection of markers has been replenished, new #sketchmarkerbrush has released. I want to share my impression.

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I can already tell you that I like all of them! The team is Russian. Recently, they have completely updated their products and made quality improvements. But I didn't have any old products, so I can't compare them. I'm just enjoying the new updated markers.

So then:

  • Nib. Elastic and flexible. The ink flow is even. You can draw a very thin line with the tip of the nib, regardless of the speed. In general, the nib is the main thing in the marker for me.
  • Colors are well mixed (no streaks) but also not smeared (light ones do not get dirty on dark ones). Intuitively, I really liked it.
  • Inscriptions on the case are not erased, but on the caps are still erased... (Task number 1 for future improvements). Therefore, it is better to fix them immediately so that you do not forget what color it was.
  • By the way, the color of the caps almost completely coincides with the swatches, although sometimes it seems to me that some colors are not quite accurate. But on different paper, the color is displayed differently, most likely this is the case.
  • Чернил в маркере не так много как хотелось бы, но это компенсируется наличием всех заправок.
  • The ink in the marker is not as much as we would like, but this is compensated by the presence of refills for all colors.

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