A significant advantage is the fact that SKETCHMARKER and SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO markers are refillable: inks are available in all colors. In the wide SKETCHMARKER palette, which consists of 400 incredible shades, you will find any color you need for your creativity: from light, pastel shades to deep bright tones. This is a huge spectrum for your imagination to perfectly match and get into the desired color.

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Japanese professional alcohol-based SKETCHMARKER INKS is made using a special technology and is of high quality. They are permanent and quick-drying. It is this proprietary unique technology that guarantees an even, streak-free color.

A 20 ml ink volume is enough for 10 to 12 marker refills. By using inks, you not only save yourself the need to search for and order the shade of the finished marker every time, but also significantly reduce the purchase cost.

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Shades mix well with each other, form smooth transitions and new shades, create truly large-scale opportunities for conveying the depth and tone of colors. The ink is soft, streak-free and compatible with all other professional brands of alcohol markers.

There's also a SKETCHMARKER Empty marker that allows everyone to create their own unique colors by mixing ink right there!

The ink can also be used separately for various areas of creativity.

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