Quality professional water-based pigment markers designed to work on all surfaces. Available in 6 colors (black, white, silver, gold, blue and red) and 3 types of nib thickness (0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 1 mm). Markers dry quickly and are water resistant when dry.

For whom

SKETCHMARKER PAINTMAN pigment markers are perfect for any creative person: both professional artists and beginners of all ages who wants to work from the very beginning with professional, high-quality materials at an affordable price.

SKETCHMARKER PAINTMAN is great for various creative directions: craft, hobby, scrapbooking, decoratings.

Designed for artistic strokes in a drawing or for writing, creating posters, using on all kinds of surfaces: paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass, fabric, stone, concrete, metal, PVC.

Markers do not wash off form porous surfaces and are held securely without the use of additional fixatives, and ink is easily removed from smooth, non-porous materials, so they can be used for temporary decoration of shop windows or mirrors.

Markers work well both indoors and outdoors, making them suitable for graffiti artists.

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We have specially designed 3 types of nibs with different thicknesses to create great creative possibilities.

  • 0.5 mm - the thinnest nib is suitable for detailing, small inscriptions
  • 0.7 mm is a plastic nib, which has a significant advantage: if the nib becomes clogged, then it does not need to be thrown away immediately. We have created a convenient technology with which you can take out the pen, rinse it and put it back in one easy movement.
  • 1 mm - nib designed for more visible markings

Black and white markers are available in all three thickness, silver and gold are available in 0.7 and 1mm nibs, and red and blue markers are available in 1mm nibs.



Marker inks are opaque and have a super bright and rich matte tone. Bright even on dark surfaces.

Markers have an unique direct ink system - a pump system that transfers more ink to the surface than a filter would do, doubling the tool life. You don't have to constantly press down on the pen.

In addition to the control system, the high volume of ink in SKETCHMARKER PAINTMAN markers also helps reduce the cost of these quality art supplies.


High quality

Markers are non-toxic, certified and meet safety and quality standards: European - EN71-3, American - ASTM D-4236 (LHAMA Certification)

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