SKETCHMARKER LINER - professional ultra-thin liner pens in deep black color with 6 nib thicknesses: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 mm.

Such a wide variety of rods is perfect for any purpose: with a wider pen, you can fill in, and a thin one, you can draw the smallest, graceful elements of graphic work.

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The ink of the pens is created according to its own formula, dries quickly, does not run or leave streaks on paper. Therefore, they are great for sharing with any type of marker.

Also, liners can be used as an independent tool in the work of designers and architects. They are great for graphic art, comics, manga, strokes, lettering, mandalas, zentangles, doodling, and can also be used as writing pens.

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Due to the glossy and lightweight plastic case, it fits comfortably in the hand. The cap attaches securely to the back of the pen when drawing and does not create imbalance during operation. The liners can be attached to the cover of the sketchbook using a clothespin on the cap. Thanks to these features, liners also become indispensable companions during plein air.


Our brand-engineered pen nib provides:

  • the same thickness and consistently straight line at different inclinations
  • excellent ink flow no matter how fast you use - a slow line is as consistent and rich as a fast stroke.
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Liners are non-toxic, certified and meet safety and quality standards: European - EN71-3, American - ASTM D-4236 (LHAMA Certification).

SKETCHMARKER Liner can be purchased individually or as a set with all types of nibs. They are of the highest quality and are assembled in one of the oldest and renowned factories in Taiwan.

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