SKETCHMARKER markers are the main reason to start creating.

SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO markers are double-sided markers with one of the finest nibs in the professional line.

They are versatile and suitable for all techniques: sketching, illustration, manga, comics, design, lettering, graffiti, hobbies, etc.

The professional qualities of markers have long been appreciated by leading artists and designers, so they are among the top brands - leaders in the market for professional art tools.

High quality and safety of products is very important to us, we pay great attention to their testing, licensing and control at all stages. Thanks to the continuous improvement process, as well as the active participation of our employees at all levels, we are able to continuously achieve and improve our products. 


SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO line was created in Japan according to a special and unique project from the SKETCHMARKER brand, it has:

  1. Continuous supply of ink, regardless of whether it is a sharp large stroke or small smooth movements of the pen;
  2. Lack of dryness and at the same time excessive fluidity;
  3. Controlled flexibility and mobility of the soft feather from the very tip to full bend;
  4. Clear control of the ink supply at the first contact with the paper: a lot of ink does not spill out at once, and a stain does not form;
  5. Work from the very first tone of marker ink, due to the uniform supply of ink through the pen (for most other brands, at the first contact, a lot of ink spills out and immediately turns out to be too saturated);
  6. Uniform supply of ink along the entire path of the pen from the beginning to the end of the stroke and smooth color fading;
  7. No excessive ink saturation: when the cap is opened, drops do not fall on the paper, and blots do not appear during the sketching process.

These 7 pen benefits have been tested and proven by professional artists and sketchers. This allows us to assert that the SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO pen is the leader in the artistic marker market.


The shades of the markers blend perfectly with each other, form smooth transitions, new shades, create truly large-scale opportunities to convey the depth and tone of colors.

In the wide palette of SKETCHMARKER you will find any shade you need for your creativity: from light, pastel shades to deep bright colors.

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Alcohol based ink is permanent and quick drying.

Markers are certified and meet safety and quality standards: European - ASTM D-4236 (LHAMA Certification), American - EN71-3.

Replaceable marker pens


Markers can be stored in convenient wallets (12, 24 and 36 markers), which is suitable for both open air and home storage. On the back of the bag there is an extra pocket for art supplies to make sketching comfortable anywhere.

An option for organizing the workspace at home is a plastic case (48 and 96 markers), which will securely hold markers. And several cases can be combined into one large display to fit the entire collection.

A bonus for each set is an empty color palette for all shades and a funny coloring.

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