SKETCHMARKER ARTIST FINE PEN - professional high quality water-based pens with a fine 0.4 mm nib are available in 60 colors.

For whom:

SKETCHMARKER ARTIST FINE PEN colored pens are perfect for any creative person: both professional artists and novice amateurs of all ages who want to work from the very beginning with professional, high-quality materials at an affordable price.


For what:

Great for sketching, sharing with markers (including alcohol), pencils, detailing final work, lettering, graphics, decoration, or as a pens for writing. Therefore, SKETCHMARKER ARTIST FINE PEN is suitable for both creative artwork and everyday life. Together with these colored pens, your graphic work will turn into masterpieces when you add color accents to it. When used in writing, colored pens help shape ideas beautifully, put accents.

The ergonomic hexagonal shape of the body is very comfortable for the hand and does not allow the handles to roll off the working surfaces. You can comfortably use the handles anywhere 

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The palette consists of 60 luxurious colors, which will allow you to create a wide range of works and easily select the desired shade to implement your idea. In the wide palette of SKETCHMARKER ARTIST FINE PEN you will find any color you need for your creativity: there are 8 fluorescent shades and 52 basic colors (from light, pastel shades to deep bright tones).


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The water-based pigment ink dries instantly so it doesn't bleed or bleed through the paper.

Because the pen does not dry out for a long time without a cap, you do not have to worry if you accidentally distract yourself and close it.

Even on the thinnest paper, ink behaves very well and does not flow to the other side of the sheet.


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The pens are available in sets of 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 shades. You can start with the smallest amount and gradually grow your collection, or purchase the entire palette at once to have a full range of possibilities for your creativity.

Each set, regardless of the configuration and the number of markers, has a creative, author's cover, which displays not only a list of colors, but also conveys the mood, palette and tonality of the set itself. Focusing on the topic, it is easy to choose the one that suits your work.

The sets are compiled by professional designers, so by purchasing them, you get a 100% high-quality palette, all the colors from which you will definitely use when creating your drawings.

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High quality

The colored pens are non-toxic, certified and meet safety and quality standards: European - EN71-3, American - ASTM D-4236 (LHAMA Certification).

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