Vintage bear. Step-by-step tutorial

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Make a contour of a bear cub and a hydrangea.

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Make the main filling of the drawing: clothes of the bear, the corners of the suitcase – SKETCHMARKER SM-BR43 Ash; pants and shoes – SKETCHMARKER SM-BR83 Tan; with SKETCHMARKER SM-BR84 Latte make fur and tinted lace; leaves and suitcase – SKETCHMARKER SM-G43 Celery; hydrangea – SKETCHMARKER SM-V83 Light Violet.

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Strengthen the wool and creases on beige clothing with the color SKETCHMARKER SM-BR83 Tan. Color on the muzzle and paws is applied with strokes in shape, imitating wool. We also apply layers with the color SKETCHMARKER SM-BR43 Ash in the penumbra of clothing, we outline the same color of lace.

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Add SKETCHMARKER SM-BR42 Umber in the shadow. With SKETCHMARKER SM-NG5 Neutral Gray 5 tinting the fur on the muzzle around the nose and eyes, make shadows, SKETCHMARKER SM-NG7 Neutral Gray 7 shade slightly.

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SKETCHMARKER SM-TG2 Toner Gray 2 make eyes and nose. You can leave the highlights immediately if the image is large, or make it with a white pen at the end. Fill in the white areas on the suitcase and shoes with SKETCHMARKER SM-BR73 Larch, with the same color make the decor on the clothes. To show the worn spots add SKETCHMARKER SM-NG5 Neutral Gray 5 on the toes of the shoes.

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Enhance the tone of the leaves with SKETCHMARKER SM-G62 Grass, shade SKETCHMARKER SM-G43 Celery closer to the edge; try to leave streaks. Make shadows on the flowers with SKETCHMARKER SM-R33 Grass Charm Pink, shading them with SKETCHMARKER SM-V83 Light Violet. After the ink dries, you can still darken in places with SKETCHMARKER SM-R33 Charm Pink and make streaks.

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With SKETCHMARKER SM-V81 Thistle make deep shadows on the clothing and on the flowers. Blend SKETCHMARKER SM-R33 Charm Pink.

We strengthen the leaves color with SM-G112 Spruce Green, shading SKETCHMARKER SM-G62 Grass.

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Draw the falling shadows with SKETCHMARKER SM-NG5 Neutral Gray 5, shading SKETCHMARKER SM-NG7 Neutral Gray 7. Add the contour to the bear cub.

You can show the fur with strokes, make stitches on clothes, draw laces. We outline the highlights and detail the lace, using a white gel pen.

It is better to outline the flower and leaves only in the shade to emphasize the planned character.

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