A glass of lemonade. Step-by-step tutorial

Natalia Kryachek - illustrator

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/natali_kliverik/

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Step 1

Outline the dimensions in pencil.

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Step 2

Draw with a liner in the darkest places. Outline the highlights with SKETCHMARKER SM-O34 Marigold.

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Step 3

Draw the tone of the liquid, ice and glare, using SKETCHMARKER SM-BR11 Mustard.

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Step 4

Darken the dark areas and mark the shadow with SKETCHMARKER SM-BR10 Brown.

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Step 5

Add variety to the reflexes on the glass and outline the background (SKETCHMARKER SM-BR32 Rosy Brown + SKETCHMARKER SM-BR34 Ivory). Plan where the lights will be in the background.

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Step 6

Draw the background, leaving space for the lights. Add dark accents to the drink. Draw star anise. The color is SKETCHMARKER SM-BR50 Dark Brown.

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Step 7

To colors SKETCHMARKER SM-BR50 Dark Brown and SKETCHMARKER SM-O34 Marigold add SKETCHMARKER SM-O21 Orange Red and draw lights on the background. Use SKETCHMARKER SM-O21 Orange Red marker to draw an orange slice and cinnamon.

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Step 8

Draw light areas of ice with a light color SKETCHMARKER SM-O25 Rose Champagne.

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Step 9

Add details, stroke the darkest areas with a black liner, and finish the highlights and bubbles with a white gel pen.

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