Roofs Of Riga. Step-by-step

Ekaterina Plastinina - architect, sketch artist

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Thin liner 0.1

Tips - before you start, study the reference. When drawing, observe the proportions, look how the details and objects interact.

Note that the horizontal roof lines are not parallel to the bottom of the sheet, but at a slight angle. This tilt creates perspective.

Draw a graphic sketch, without missing the details. It is important to repeat the expressive contour of the roofs and leave the air above them. Don't forget that houses are made of different materials, and we need to show them. Plaster, roofing, bricks are in the company with wires, antennas, drainpipes.

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STEP 2   

With SKETCHMARKER SM-CG5 Cool Gray 5 paint the shadows own and falling, amplify in the darkest places. Combining the composition.

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SKETCHMARKER SM-BG13 Sandstone: vertically fill the general background of the facades and apply a little on the roof.

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STEP 4    

With SKETCHMARKER SM-WG3 Warm Gray 3 we enhance the color of facades in the shade and wooden structures of attic windows. In some places, we add the same color to the falling shadows.

Fill the roof with chisel nib of SKETCHMARKER SM-R81 Firebrick, leaving gaps. We paint over the window frames and partially bricks.

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Enhance the shadows under the roof slopes and openings of windows and doors with SKETCHMARKER SM-CG3 Cool Gray 3. Go through the falling shadows.

Tip – window panes always reflect the environment, so you can see the entire gradation of the palette in the reflection. Paint them unevenly.

Using SKETCHMARKER SM-BR74 Light Ivy make the facades brighter, leaving gaps.

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STEP 6    

Draw the sky in small, continuous movements using SKETCHMARKER SM-B63 Carolina Blue, moving from the roofs and dissolving the strokes on white paper.

Make reflections in windows.

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Liner 1 or brushpen and white pen:

Fill in the darkest accents with dots. We return graphics, wires, and the edges between shadow and light.

White pen:

Make highlights on the wires, at the joints of the roof, in the windows and on the drainpipes. Add details.

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