Do you want brightness? Buy grey markers!

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Do you want brightness? Buy grey markers!

Sketches on the Internet attract with their bright, rich and juicy colors. And so, you are a newbie, inspired by beauty, run to the art store in the hope of buying your first palette.

An embarrassment of riches. In order to try and learn how to work with markers, you would like to purchase a minimal set.

You decide to confer with @helgaowl, and she tells you: "Look at the gray ones".

"Of course, it's easy for you to say, having such a stock of markers!" — you can think.

But, in fact, I say this for a reason. The gray palette is a win-win option for beginners who want to evaluate their capabilities or understand the principle and learn techniques at first, because:

  • You don't get distracted by color, it means you can devote yourself to studying details, shapes, and highlights.
  • It is easy to make a gradient, all the colors are perfectly combined with each other.
  • It takes much less time for the entire process, since you do not need to select colors and take into account their combination with each other.
  • Gray colors allow you to study the volume and work it out.
  • If you want brightness, it is enough to add 2-3 bright colors to the overall palette and make rich accents.

My collection of markers didn't start with gray colors, because before markers I had a lot of experience drawing with other materials, so I had already developed the technique. Now I have favorites among them: neutral gray colors.

Have you already chosen your perfect grey?

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