Olga's @molbert_beret first experience with SKETCHMARKER BRUSH markers

Olga - illustrator

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So I got acquainted with markers.

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For about a year, I looked at them, at illustrators's works that were made in an unusual technique for me.

And so, just a month ago, I "ripened" and started to choose.

I was looking for a balance between price and quality, and it was very important for me that the first impression of a particular marker company did not distort the impression of the material as a whole. Also, I wanted the markers to be refillable (what if you like them?). I read the reviews and chose @sketchmarkersclub . I chose a Brush line for myself, because I wanted to have a "brush" (it's more familiar).

This is my first marker illustration, and .............. I liked it!

I ordered Portrait set with 24 markers with a wallet and several separate colors. It's a real challenge to work in a limited marker palette! I already want to add new colors to my collection, I definitely need a set of gray shades, at least. And it's good that I immediately took a blender (colorless marker for mixing and shading) (SKETCHMARKER SMB-BL - Blender).

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