Review of SKETCHMARKER markers by Tatiana Keiko

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f_ef4j6q863_3b8bb74a.jpg (687 KB)I clearly understand that I still have to study and study to draw with markers, most of the work are "for the desk drawer", because I set myself some incredible goals. So now I have a new stage of relations with this material — to learn, practice, analyze.

@Sketchmarkersclub markers are perfect not only for professionals, but also for those who are just learning. Now the guys have updated the markers! The ink formula has improved and the fill is even smoother now, that is very important if you are looking for realism and want to create smooth gradients.

Inscriptions on the case are no longer erased (yay!), and the caps much better display the real color. So if you, like me, choose colors not on the color palette, but with the help of caps, then new items will not disappoint you!

If you have tried @sketchmarkersclub already, please note that the color encoding has changed, but the names remain the same.

If you haven't tried, feel free to buy it! This is the case when the brand puts its heart into the product, takes into account the wishes and comments of consumers (that is, you and me). It very important thing for me. Equally important are such points as a wide palette and price! Oh, the price! In terms of quality, believe me, it should be three times more expensive!

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