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What tool do I use to draw?

Materials with which I create my art works is important to me as for an artist and illustrator. I prefer to draw sketches with markers, and now I'll tell you why.

Markers allow to mix colors. So, with 5-6 base colors, I can make 12 or even more.

For beginners, markers are not felt-tip pens. You can't create smooth gradients with felt-tip pens. But professional alcohol-based markers blend perfectly on paper, helping you achieve the desired effect.

At the moment, the best for me are SKETCHMARKER @sketchmarkersclub. They are ideal for sketching, illustration, drawing comics, design, graffiti, and others.

Well, another plus is the price. Professional markers are quite expensive, the price can reach 500-600 rubles for one marker! However, SKETCHMARKER @sketchmarkersclub has much more attractive price.

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