SKETCHMARKER 36 BASIC 1 SET (36 markers in the wallet)
SKETCHMARKER REFILL INKS (399 colors, 20 ML, alcohol-based)
SKETCHMARKER (400 colors, 2 nibs: fine/broad)
SKETCHMARKER BRUSH PRO (400 colors, 2 nibs: brush/broad)

product reviews

The quality of this snow-white one side paper with a barely traceable texture met my expectations.

Olga ReutovaMore

Recently, when I bought the missing shade from another manufacturer, I noticed that if the ink comes to an end, the brush nib becomes less elastic, bending at a 90-degree angle. As a result, I start rubbing it against the paper like some kind of rag, squeezing out the last drops of the ink and not understanding whether there is some left or not. The Sketchmarker brush nib keeps its shape and elasticity no matter what.

Irina BautinaMore

Excellent mixing of markers on paper (even if you fell asleep, sneezed, distracted by a cup of cocoa, and then came back and suddenly decided to blur some area).

Yulia LyutoMore

The paper pad is especially good for intricate designs. I spent three days drawing a flower and it turned out that the paper is resistant to heavy layering. Less dense paper (75 grams) doesn’t let you go over the same areas of the paper multiple times.

Irina BautinaMore

Nib. Elastic and flexible. The ink flow is even. You can draw a very thin line with the tip of the nib, regardless of the speed. In general, the nib is the main thing in the marker for me.

Lyubov FirstovaMore

I think this is a great option to start drawing with this markers, since the price is quite reasonable compared to touch and copic. And the quality does not concede.

Olga ReutovaMore

The set of markers is very multipurpose and the colors are chosen so well that the set is suitable for both food illustrations and architectural sketches. I tried to show it by making such a creative swatches of the set.

Nadine KasianovaMore

If you haven't tried, feel free to buy it! This is the case when the brand puts its heart into the product, takes into account the wishes and comments of consumers (that is, you and me). It very important thing for me. Equally important are such points as a wide palette and price! Oh, the price! In terms of quality, believe me, it should be three times more expensive!

Tatiana KeikoMore

Time is sorely lacking right now, but I couldn't resist trying out my new #sketchmarker brush - cool markers with a soft brush nib!

Natalia YakovlevaMore

A cool product has been made. I use it with great pleasure!

Eugenia @zhenya.noalMore

During the work I have noticed a funny thing that if you work with the edge of the brush nib, the smear becomes paler, drier and fluffiness appears. As the SM team has explained to me, this is a feature, the dry effect. Other brands can not brag about it)

Anastasia KovalevskayaMore

Excellent markers with brush nibs. The brush is elastic, the ink flows without hitches and the colors match the caps.

Maria @masa_usMore

Materials with which I create my art works is important to me as for an artist and illustrator. I prefer to draw sketches with markers, and now I'll tell you why.

Antonina MatveevaMore

This is a set with soft brush nibs, which, of course, much more functional than the usual thin ones. The brush is great, a little harder, according to my feelings, than copic, but they will undoubtedly win by the price/quality criterion.

Olga SakovichMore

I didn't draw with markers in basic complectation, I bought markers with brush nib immediately, so I can't compare them. But I can compare it with copic, which are much more expensive. And  I didn't notice much difference. The nib is cool, thin and elastic, does not concede to to copics.

Lera HegaiMore

What a fine touches it can do, and how obedient and flexible it is!

Katerina ChemodanovaMore

Their new brush nib is cool. Wet in moderation, it springs pleasantly, but not too soft. Well blurred, but this is not news.

Taisiya EfaMore

The ink flow through the brush is good, there is large amount, but without "puddles" in the process.

Olga @soyka_oMore

I thought that space is unrealistic to draw with markers at first, but now I realized that you can use markers to draw absolutely everything!

Maria NovikovaMore

I was looking for a balance between price and quality, and it was very important for me that the first impression of a particular marker company did not distort the impression of the material as a whole. Also, I wanted the markers to be refillable (what if you like them?). I read the reviews and chose @sketchmarkersclub . I chose a Brush line for myself, because I wanted to have a "brush" (it's more familiar).

Olga @molbert_beretMore

One of the latest innovations are improved markers with a brush nib, I have been testing them for several months and I am very happy! The quality of the nib is very decent, the elasticity and clarity of fine lines delighted me.

Olga GrabovaMore

As the paper has a lower protective layer, the ink can not pass to the other side and so their excess gives an interesting effect of unevenness, it gave an excellent texture to the stones in this situation.

Maria YagovkinaMore

These markers interact nicely with paper; they blend well and have very convenient nibs (a fine nib, a brush nib and a chisel nib) with continuous ink supply.

Natalie @nat_mekbMore

I like SKETCHMARKER markers for their satin effect. It turns out that the coating looks like it has a rough texture on marker paper.

Diana VolonskayaMore

What is the first thing that attracts your attention? The сover! Each album has its own cover, which is quite bright and classic at the same time. I think it will suit everyone's taste.

Nika ShalamayMore